Board Meeting Agenda for PLL

The next PLL Board meeting is scheduled for Sunday Feb. 18, 2018 at 6:00PM at Round Table Pizza.

*Agenda Subject To Change*

PLL Annual Meeting/Election Day Results

Congratulations New Board Members!

The PLL Board for the 2018/2019 Season

President – TBA

Vice President – Matthew McClelland

Secretary – Dena Ramsay

Treasurer – Josh Moore

BB Player Agent – Pam Beauchamp

SB Player Agent – Sheila Craft

BB Junior Commissioner – Kristi Bracisco

BB Major Commissioner – Chris Cline

BB Minor Commissioner – Shawn Anderson

BB Rookie Commissioner – Hillary Gutierrez

BB Farm Commissioner – Nic Jolly

SB Farm Commissioner – Cedar Fields

SB Minor Commissioner – Sheila Craft

SB Major Commissioner – Dan Meldrum

SB Junior Commissioner – Richard VanStavern

Umpire and Chief – Paul Eaton

League Information OfficerGary Gregory

Safety Officer – Cecilia Harris

Snack Bar – Kristi Bracisco

Fundraising/Sponsorships – Kristi Bracisco

Equipment Manager – Isaak Paddock

Field Maintenance – Jim York

Team/Parent Coordinator – Hillary Gutierrez

*Note* – Board members must show up at the September 17th board meeting in order to ensure positioning on the board.

Board Meeting Guidelines

Treasury Report

Softball Report

Baseball Report

Open Discussion

Full board member agenda is available at the actual board meeting.

As always, parents are invited to attend the monthly meeting of the PLL Board.

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